Home Study Lessons

To apply for the SRF Home Study Lessons and learn the Meditation techniques of Self Realisation Fellowship please click on the following link.


What You Will Receive in the Lessons

~ The SRF yoga techniques of meditation — progressively higher methods for producing Self-realization and God-communion, given at specific intervals during one’s study of the Lessons.

~ Practical “how-to-live” wisdom to help confront and solve the myriad problems of life, and create harmony and success in every area of one’s existence.

~ Vibrant affirmations for applying the power of concentrated mind and will for self-improvement and spiritual progress.

~ Divinely inspired prayers and poetically expressed experiences in Self-realization to awaken heart-centered devotion and desire for God.

~ Scientific explanations of the principles and philosophy on which the meditation techniques are based — to satisfy your reason as well as your heart.

~ Spiritual teachings on scientific health culture for prevention and healing of disease — physical, psychological, and spiritual. 

~ Instructive stories illustrating moral and spiritual principles for yourself and your family.

~ A constant stream of inspiration — through the divinely charged words of Paramahansa Yogananda — to support and motivate your personal journey to life’s highest goal: God-realization.