Sunday School

A Sunday School session is held each month from 11am to 12am for the youth members of our group aged 5 to 12 years old. Please contact us to find out current Sunday school times.

The hour long session includes short prayers, meditations and lessons which are based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the international best seller “Autobiography of a Yogi.”  Through stories from the lives of some of India’s realised Masters, lessons are themed to build understanding and development of fundamental qualities and skills such as will power, concentration, meditation, devotion, service to others, love, courage and wisdom. Above all, the children have fun and express their understandings creatively through games, art, craft and drama.

 Junior Group – (ages 4 to 12 years)

Our junior group follow the lessons according to the Sunday School Program as produced by Self Realisation Fellowship. A wealth of stories and interactive activities introduce the foundations of Paramahansa Yoganandas  teachings in an interesting way and the students consistently develop the techniques of prayer, energisation and meditation.

 Youth Group – (ages 13 – 20years)

The youth group is held on the alternative fortnight to the junior group. Energisation exercises, prayer and meditation still form key components of the youth group sessions. Group discussions on a central theme of Yogananda’s teachings are a highlight of the program allowing students to explore issues relevant to challenges of their daily life. Students are encouraged to set up a regular pattern of implementing these teachings into their daily activities.